Museum takes part in Health/Activities/Wellness Day

Our Chairman, Roger Radcliffe, had created a wonderful continuous 10-minute display of photos of all aspects of Museum and St Agnes life on his computer for our stand at the first ever “Health/Activities/Wellness Day”, organised by the Patients Participation Group at St Agnes Surgery, and held in the Church Hall on 11 April. The hall was packed with stalls, each with someone to explain how their group could help with health, activity or wellbeing.

Roger Radcliffe at the first ever Health/Activities/Wellness Day

Roger Radcliffe at the first ever Health/Activities/Wellness Day

Roger manned our stall with a little help from Mary Wilson and Liz Thompson. We hoped to promote volunteering (preferably for the Museum!) as a way to increase a sense of wellbeing. Although we didn’t sign any volunteers or new Friends on the day, we distributed leaflets, answered questions and enjoyed watching the photographs with many locals.

A generous loan of Mary Bunn miniature

St Agnes Museum is deeply honoured to have been lent this beautiful miniature of Mary Bunn, first wife of John Opie, “The Cornish Wonder”, painted in 1794, by Truro born Henry Bone RA (1755-1834). Arguably the greatest enamel painter of all time, he became the official royal enamelist to George III, George IV and William IV. It is believed that, for this miniature, he copied a painting of Mary by John Opie which has since been lost. Mary and John later divorced.

Miniature of Mary Bunn, painted in 1794 by Truro born Henry Bone RA

Miniature of Mary Bunn, painted in 1794 by Truro born Henry Bone RA

The miniature is displayed in the Museum’s Opie cabinet alongside a superb John Opie self-portrait, his palette and paintbox, and four works by his great nephew, Edward Opie.

St Agnes Museum welcomes cyclists

St Agnes has signs on all its approach roads welcoming cyclists and the Museum has done its bit by fitting three cycle anchors to the north wall of the Museum.

The Museum’s Steward Rota Organiser used a bike anchor

Here, Steward Rota Organiser, John Oaksford, is using an anchor as he arrives for the Stewards’ Training Afternoon.

Defence medal for a Mount Hawke lady

Bought on eBay for the Museum, after a very tense final few moments, a WWII Defence Medal, awarded to Mrs Philadelphia Snell of Trenethick Cottage, Mount Hawke. It is especially good to have a medal awarded to a woman and also one from Mount Hawke.

WWII Defence Medal, awarded to Mrs Philadelphia Snell

WWII Defence Medal, awarded to Mrs Philadelphia Snell

The Museum already has a lovely collection of paraphernalia of Gordon Snell, Philadelphia’s husband, which was given to the Museum in 1994. There is a letter between Gordon and Philadelphia before their marriage, several driver passes from Carlyon Haulage of Mount Hawke, issued during WWII, other papers, and a photo of Gordon and Philadelphia in their later years.

The medal comes with its box sent OHMS.

We hope to learn what Philadelphia did during WWII to be awarded her Defence Medal.

Donation of farm memorabilia

The Museum is very pleased to have been given a collection of farm implements and three farm Cost Books, especially as it did not have a large farming collection.

Tresco farm implements

Tresco farm implements

This collection of farm implements, which includes two funnels for filling milk churns, a very small churn, a pitchfork and a selection of sickles and billhooks, came from Tresco Farm at Mingoose. Also from Tresco Farm came plans for a piggery, drawn up by the then owner, Mr R C A Hooper, and two Cost Books. The third Cost Book, spanning part of the period of the Great War, came from
Presingoll Farm.

With this gift also came underground mine plans for Polbreen, West Kitty and Wheal Kitty mines.

The Museum is very grateful for this fascinating donation.