Donation of farm memorabilia

The Museum is very pleased to have been given a collection of farm implements and three farm Cost Books, especially as it did not have a large farming collection.

Tresco farm implements
Tresco farm implements

This collection of farm implements, which includes two funnels for filling milk churns, a very small churn, a pitchfork and a selection of sickles and billhooks, came from Tresco Farm at Mingoose. Also from Tresco Farm came plans for a piggery, drawn up by the then owner, Mr R C A Hooper, and two Cost Books. The third Cost Book, spanning part of the period of the Great War, came from
Presingoll Farm.

With this gift also came underground mine plans for Polbreen, West Kitty and Wheal Kitty mines.

The Museum is very grateful for this fascinating donation.

Madge Scattergood watercolour added to collection

The Museum is delighted to have been given this watercolour of roses by fine watercolourist “Madge” Scattergood (Edith Marjorie 1907-1981) who lived at The Beehive on Beacon Road, St Agnes.

Madge Scattergood roses
Watercolour by Madge Scattergood

She studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and exhibited her delicate flower paintings with the St Agnes Art Group in the 1960s and 70s.

The Museum knows little about her and would be pleased to hear from anyone who can add to our knowledge.

Tony Giles (1925-1994) exhibition

St Agnes Museum’s major new exhibition for 2019 will feature the St Agnes life of renowned artist, Tony Giles, whom many will remember living at Polbreen with his wife Hilary, or will have met at the Railway Inn or St Agnes Hotel.

Tony Giles (1925-1994) exhibition
Tony Giles (1925-1994) exhibition

There is a selection of light, joyful paintings of St Agnes, several owned by the Museum, others kindly loaned by private individuals and never before seen in public. One, full of movement, depicts St Agnes Victorian Fayre in 1984. There are many playful cartoon-like Christmas and Birthday cards painted for his wife Hilary and recently donated to the Museum, and a loaned sketchbook. Centre stage are the railway engine and two carriages from the railway track that Tony laid around his garden. His well worn and much loved teddy bear is there in his original jumper. A pastel portrait of Tony by Ken Symonds, drawn in 1986, completes the exhibition. John Branfield’s biography of Tony Giles is on sale at the Museum, and the Museum is very grateful for John’s help in curating the exhibition.