Unique harbour seat arrives at the Museum

Very early on the morning of 4 June, at low tide, a long-planned operation to retrieve a granite block from the harbour ruins at Trevaunance Cove, with the kind permission of the Duchy of Cornwall and the Blunsdon family, got underway.

Harbour stone being removed from Trevaunance Cove
Harbour stone being removed from Trevaunance Cove

Using a tele-handler from Acland Plant the block was scooped up and driven to the Museum, escorted by our Chairman, Roger Radcliffe, whose idea this was, and Vice Chairman, Clive Benney. 

By 8 o’clock the block had been lifted into the Museum and was being rolled along the floor on short lengths of scaffolding pole. By 8.30 it was perfectly installed in our VR booth ready for visitors to sit on and be transported in comfort to the north wall of St Agnes harbour in 1904. We can’t wait to share it with visitors

Roger Radcliffe, Clive Benney and Peter Thomas guiding the harbour stone into place

Shown, guiding the block, are Roger Radcliffe, Clive Benney and Peter Thomas, our Journal Editor.

The Museum is reopening on 19 July 2021

The Museum is now scheduled to reopen on 19 July 2021.

To whet your appetite, we will have several new attractions to see including the exciting Virtual Reality corner showing ships loading and unloading at the harbour in 1904, our leatherback turtle using Artificial Intelligence to answer children’s random questions, (What do you eat? where were you born?), and our new Medals Cabinet allowing us to safely exhibit our complete medal collection.

St Agnes Harbour

We will also have done our best to meet our obligations to keep visitors safe, ranging through sanitiser, screens, masks, a one-way system around the Museum, and increased ventilation.

Medals cabinet
Medals cabinet

We really look forward to meeting you all again and would be grateful if you could tell all you meet about our reopening date, and the treats in store for visitors.

Sale of books

The Museum has been given a collection of books from the estate of a late Member which we have been given permission to sell in aid of Museum funds. It consists of a variety of local interest books, including some by local author, Clive Benney. They are generally in good condition and with sound dust covers where appropriate.

If anyone is after a particular title for his collection, please get in touch and, you never know, you might strike lucky. Please contact us via info@stagnesmuseum.org.uk and we’ll endeavour to agree a price, including postage & delivery.

Collection of books about Cornwall
Collection of books

Canadian Memorial Cross update

Late last year the Museum purchased a Canadian Memorial Cross, complete with box and certificate, awarded to St Agnes man, Alfred Noall. It came with a chain which everyone assumed was how it was worn. However, Museum friend and former Steward, Les Donnithorne, is a medal collector and was in touch with a fellow collector in Canada who knew that the correct way for the medal to be worn was with a 10″ purple ribbon. He has generously sent Les the correct ribbon as a donation to the Museum.

Canadian Memorial Cross

We look forward to showing the medal correctly displayed as soon as the Museum can open.