Museum exhibitions APP

We are developing an APP which visitors will be able to download free of
charge from their APP store whilst at the Museum, using their own data
allowance or by accessing our brand new WiFi connection.

The APP will eventually provide extra information about the general
purpose of each cabinet or display area and of each item on display.

Visitors with visual impairment can enable the “text to speech” facility
on their mobile phone’s accessibility settings to enable them to listen
to the information. This is another important step in our commitment to
good access for all.

When we eventually open we will first of all have the Tony Giles
exhibition and the Counter and Outdoor exhibits available on the APP. A
QR code will be displayed which the visitor will scan using the APP and
they will then have interactive access to the artefacts.

The delay in opening due the Covid-19 virus has not delayed progress
with the APP; it has in fact allowed for better fine tuning of the
system, so we hope it will be a great success.