Even more fame for the Museum

Following an extensive article on our Twite collection in the Western Morning News, both the BBC and ITV came to film the collection and talk to Roger Radcliffe and Liz Thompson for items in their evening regional news programmes.

The poignant story of Lt Llewellyn Twite and his fellow tunnellers (all Cornish miners) really caught the imagination, and Roger and Liz were able to explain what had happened to them and show some of the items which make up the collection, including Lt Twite’s kitbag, medals, pipe and binoculars. The most poignant items, his mud-encrusted watch and the letter from his children, posted after he had died on 1 December 1915 but before news had reached his family, aroused the most interest.

Both the BBC and ITV broadcast the items in their evening news programmes on Thursday 24 April. We hope some of you watched one or the other!